Sunday 1 May 2016

Oral Health & Other Medications

Knowledge is power. Your dentist will tell you, the more information they know about your overall health and current medications as possible, the easier to better understand your oral health needs. Because we know good overall health requires great oral health, and the mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body, it should come as little surprise that many serious health issues are linked to problems that first started in the mouth. And the same goes with any medications you may be taking.

Before your dentists starts their examination or any other procedure, make sure to disclose any and all mediations you may currently be taking. Some procedures or prescribed medications can have adverse effects when taken in combination. In addition, alert your dentist to any allergies, so prescribed medication can be as effective as possible. The same goes for pregnancy, or other health care treatments you may currently be experiencing, which may cause changes to your body. This can help avoid tooth loss, gum disease or other oral health issues as side effects of treatment you may currently be experiencing.

It’s always a good idea not only discuss these things with a physician, but also a dentist as well to ensure your oral health is monitored as well.

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