Wednesday 22 April 2015

Implant Retained Dentures

Say Goodbye to Slipping and Tilting Dentures with Overdentures

If you have grown tired of slipping and tilting dentures, we have a solution that will keep you smiling. Overdentures are held in place with only a few dental implants. The overdenture snaps off easily for cleaning and can be put back into place with just a snap. No more creams or adhesives that provide only mediocre adhesion. We are very pleased to provide this solution to our denture-wearers, and we know you will enjoy the difference overdentures make for you.

The Correct Fit for Your Dentures
Let us give you, your best fit for your dentures by anchoring your denture plate securely so that your worries about what you can or cannot eat are over. You will no longer feel uncertain that your dentures might slip when speaking or laughing. Your life will be much easier when you have the best possible fit for your dentures. 

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